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Molly Adea CAST in EFFBOIS with Means Of Productions

Molly Adea has been cast as the lead in EFFBOIS by Josh Fulton with Means of Productions!


Poor Nikki has broken up with her boyfriend of four years and has shut herself in as a result. Her friends come by to lift her spirits and reveal their true thoughts and shocking experiences with her ex. Will Nikki get over this one?

Producer: Emma Maltby, Means of Productions

Executive Producer: Jefferson White, Means of Productions

Executive Producer: Grace Palmer, Means of Productions

Writer: Josh Fulton

Director: Josh Fulton

Director: Jefferson White

Director of Photography: Adam Volerich

Gaffer: Hanan Miller

Sound: Daniel Johnson

Makeup: Natalie Fatehi


Nikki: Molly Adea

Dana: Annabel Hope

Denise: Alaina Kai Chester

Ali: Johann George

Special thanks to Ari Shapiro

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