• Molly Adea

Is America the America I was taught to Love?

I was taught that Thanksgiving was when the Indians and the Pilgrims learned to live peacefully.

I grow up and learn that the indigenous people of this soil had no choice. They were forced out of their homes, killed, raped, and almost murdered to extinction.

I was taught to keep my hands inside my personal bubble.

I grow up and realize my body is defenseless. It is an object through a man’s eyes. It is something to sexualize, to lust after. It is something to be regulated.

I was taught save the babies, Pro-life.

I grow up and learn that there are legitimate reasons for an abortion. I learn not every women can carry a child in their womb safely. I learn that there are people without uteruses who think they fully understand a woman's body and therefore think they should say what happens to her. I learn there are men who think they have the right to ultimately turn me into a walking incubator and I have no say.

I was taught that drugs are bad.

I grow up and forget that things like ecstasy and coke are illegal. They are just so readily available for me to buy and use. It’s not difficult. Generation X and the Millenial generation need these drugs to desensitize themselves from all the nonsense happening in our America.

I was taught that guns are bad.

I grow up and learn that America doesn’t think so. America thinks we need machine guns in our homes, in our schools, in our churches. I grow up and learn that it is easier to buy a gun that it is to buy cigarettes. I learn that people want gun rights without any rules or regulations, that people care more about their guns than America's kids dying at school, at church, at Walmart. I learn that America needs guns to protect............who?

I was taught that segregation ended in a bloody civil war. I was taught of nobility and honor when I learned Abraham Lincoln, a republican president, simply told the Confederates to go home. There was no punishment.

I grow up and see that racism is still alive and flourishing. People are still being killed because of the color of their skin. Things are not always necessarily blatantly racist, instead the devils decide to be smart with the barriers they create for people with colored skin.

I was taught that that boys will be boys.

I grow up and learn that these boys who were just being boys have become entitled and can't deal with their emotions without having a tantrum. I learn that these boys have grown to become man babies instead of becoming respectable men with honor.

I was taught terrorists were Muslim or anyone resembling someone from the Middle East.

I grow up and learn that there are more white terrorists in this country than colored ones. But nobody will admit it.

I was taught to love My America.

I grow up and I feel ashamed of My America. I thought this is where dreams come true, I thought this was the land of the free. But the older I get the more I learn about the invisible barriers to keep me down and the new laws created to control my body. I learn about America’s true history, about what really happened to the Native Peoples and the atrocious way they have been/are being treated, I learn about how racist America still is, and about how much still needs to change so that we may become the America I was taught to be proud of and love.

When I grow old, I hope I love and am proud of the America I was taught about.

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