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Reviews on How to Defend Yourself at 43rd Humana Festival

The reviews are in!

Below are reviews on How to Defend Yourself at the 43rd Humana Festival along with notable reviews on Molly Adea's performance in the play.

Broadway World

"...Molly Adea's performance as Nikki is a slow build. Adea brings shy moments throughout the piece, as Nikki grows more uncomfortable with every demonstration and partner activity. Finally, Adea is explosive near the end, as she delivers her "it doesn't work speech." Her emotional and raw delivery echoes the frustrations of victims with a hunger for justice and change...."

Louisville Future

"...compelling and ultimately deeply important play..."


"...I was especially struck with the way Ms. Adea's Nikki moved from near-invisibility to rage as she realizes that Brandi's promises might not match up with reality..."

Tony Dallas

"...this powerful production hit me like a wallop in the stomach and left me audibly gasping..."


"...And whatever seat you find yourself in the Bingham Theatre, or the life experiences you bring with you, there will likely be at least one character who will validate you, one character who will have you questioning yourself and one character who will have you seeing it’s not so simple..."

Leo Weekly (Actress as an Athlete... by Annie Whaley)

"...“How to Defend Yourself” highlights the power in femininity and gender expression..."

The Santa Barbara Independent

"...Lily Padilla’s How To Defend Yourself is a story with such formidable charge, humor and potency, it has the potential to forever rock the American theatrical landscape..."


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