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Am I Free

4th of July, Independence Day. The day we got our freedom, the day we became "We the People". E pluribus unum, "in one many". But are we one? Are we even a "We"? Because to me it looks like "We the people" still doesn't live up to its name. And freedom? That's laughable because to me my rights as a woman are being constricted more and more as well as many others.

I am not free

Many are not free actually.

Conversion therapy is legal in 32 states.

In 15 states there is no legal protection against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Those seeking asylum are put into immigration detention centers that are far too similar to concentration camps.

More and more states are making access to women's healthcare more limited

More laws are being legalized that police women's bodies.

So why should I celebrate the fourth.

I am not proud of my country at the moment.

It doesn't feel right to celebrate our day of freedom when I feel that so many freedoms are being taken away.

July 4, 2019- the year I don't feel free on independence day.

Where I got my facts:

The Nation Magazine. "Reclaiming Stonewall"

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