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Molly Adea Performing with SD Repertory

Molly Adea will be performing at the SD Repertory Creative Studio in House of Dreams by Madhuri Shekar, directed by Kareem Fahmy.


Set some time like the 17th century, in some place like Delhi, India, House of Joy tells the story of Hamida, an elite female bodyguard in the Emperor’s Imperial Harem. Faced with an impossible ethical quandary, Hamida tries to help an abused Queen escape the heavily guarded harem, thus risking her life and going against everything she was raised to believe. A swashbuckling action-adventure romance inspired by the legends of Indian history.

Development History

Bay Area Playwrights Festival: July 2018 South Coast Repertory: Pacific Playwrights Festival: April 2018 New York Stage and Film: January 2018 Pratidhwani Represent Festival: October, 2017 Juilliard New Play Festival: September, 2017 Atlantic Theatre: Asian American Mix Fest, August 2017

(Information taken from the website of Madhuri Shekar)

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